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Get high-quality seafood and fish fresh from our oceans delivered to you. Ocean Gold Fishery works with our local fishermen to provide you with the best possible products for you and your business.

Who we Are

Ocean Gold Fishery International Ltd. Corp. is a private seafood and fishery company in the Philippines with the aim of producing high-value fish, like Yellowfin tuna, swordfish, Wahoo, Moro shark, Blue Marlin, and other marine products. We aim to support the Philippine government’s vision of continual growth for the local fishery and agricultural industry.

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Fresh Seafood

Fish Processing

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best sellers

best fresh ocean gold fishery tuna fish meat

Ocean Fish

Yellowfin Tuna

The second most abundant tuna species. Mild taste and firm meat, often served for Japanese sashimi.

best fresh ocean gold fishery swordfish fish meat

Ocean Fish


Dense, distinctively flavored and moderately high in oil. The meat is lean, slightly sweet and firm.

best fresh ocean gold fishery blue marlin fish meat

Ocean Fish


Sweet in taste, firm in texture and its color is creamy white. It is a staple food in some countries.

best fresh ocean gold fishery wahoo fish meat

Ocean Fish


This is one of the finest fish in the world. The meat color is creamy white and the texture is firm.


Supply The Best Quality Fish and Processed Seafood Products

Ocean Gold Fishery International aims to deliver the best quality species of fish available in our oceans and culture, process, and serve the best processed fish products using state-of-the-art machineries and methods available.


Make Luxury Seafood Affordable For Businesses and households

Ocean Gold Fishery International envisions a future where high-quality fish and seafood won’t be a luxury, but a common household and dinner staple. We aim to deliver the best our oceans have to offer to support households and burgeoning businesses and markets worldwide.


From Philippine waters.

Fresh & Healthy

Processed at its peak.

100% Organic

No added preservatives.

Our Partner

Premier Six is a trusted and established trading and manufacturing specialist at the forefront of the marine industry. Headquartered in Singapore, they work with Ocean Gold to ensure world class standards for our processing plants.

Top-Quality Ingredients for your business

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High-quality ingredients for luxury dining and exquisite cuisines

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Fresh produce for hotel buffets, lounges, room service, and events

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Processed and packed seafood products ready consumption

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